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See the homepage:
* Usecase
Conductor is built to serve as a development stack launcher and task manager. It is useful when a development stack contains several parts. For instance: A frontend development web server, a backend api server, and supporting services. These can all be launched at once and their outputs aggrigated.
Conductor also has a robust tasking system allowing utility tasks to be defined and run. This is useful for build or setup operations related to development. Such as: Database migrations, local builds, testing across the entire stack, etc.
* Platforms
A Conductor binary is provided for 64 bit linux based systems.
* Getting started
1. Download the conductor binary
#+begin_src sh
curl | tar -xz
2. (/Optional/) place this binary somewhere in your path.
3. Setup a conductor.yml in the root of your project. See for the yaml file specifications.
4. Launch tasks
#+begin_src sh
conductor taskname