Arkham Terminal UI Kit
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Arkham is a framework for building CLI tools and applications. It provides basic building blocks for building attractive and smooth CLIs

CLI Features

Option Parsing

  • Opt/Flag handling for short, long command line options
  • Nested subcommands with their own flags
  • Opts are hierarchal and can be utilized from parent commands
  • Automatic usage details for subcommands and bare execution
  • Flags and options can be set via environment variables

Configuration Handling

Configurations can be loaded from either TOML or JSON files. Configuration files can be used to automatically provide values for command line opts or arbitrary configuration values


  • Canned helper methods for generating colored and formatted outputs for common structures: Detail lists, headers, etc.

Basic Usage

  • fib - An example using subcommands and command line options
  • config - An example loading a configuration file. This must be ran with cargo run --example config --features toml_config